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My Love Is A Leopard – Frosted Orange

My Love Is A Leopard – Frosted Orange

My Love Is A Leopard – Frosted Orange

Way back in 1989, Albert Frost and Simon ‘Agent’ Orange meet when Albert’s dad stood in as drum player for The Blues Broers. Simon was a member of the band while Albert was a hanger on Slowly Albert was dragged into playing with the band. After The Blues Broers broke up, Albert and Simon got jobs as part of Valiant Swart’s backing band. Albert was beginning to get a reputation as an exceptional blues guitarist while Simon played a mean keyboard which brought a Doors-esque sound to Valiant’s signature tune, ‘Die Mystic Boer’.

So great things were expected when Frost and Orange formed Frosted Orange and released firstly a home recorded album called ‘Bulldozer’ and then a proper studio album in the form of ‘My Love Is A Leopard’. The title track made its way to number 2 on the SA Rockdigest charts and the album topped the charts. ‘My Love Is A Leopard’ is a slinky blues number that wends its way around the bar stools of a smokey bar, sleek and sexy, relaxed and confident, turning heads as it goes.

Frost’s guitar playing is top notch and steeped in the blues while Jacques Schutte, the other band member, beats out a slightly ominous rhythm that seems to capture the pent up energy of a leopard. Sadly, the album and this track did not seem to garner too much attention from the mainstream music scene in South Africa, but those of you who find this gem can treasure it as one of our lost classics.

Where to find it:
My Love Is A Leopard – Frosted Orange (2002), Capetone Records, CTRCD002

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