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Theresa – Dave Mills

Theresa – Dave Mills

Theresa – Dave Mills

Before trying to convince us that ‘Love Is A Beautiful Song’, Dave Mills was busy trying to convince a girl called Theresa that he loved her. And the nation got behind him as it sent the song up to number 2 on the Springbok Top 20. Not only that but it became the 6th song to spend 20 weeks or more on the charts.

Using the same waltz beat that gave him so much success with his next hit, ‘Love Is A Beautiful Song’, and his Tom Jones meets Joe Dolan in Engelbert Humperdinck’s lounge voice, ‘Theresa’ is a bright and breezy little love song, that clocks in at just over 2 and a half minutes. It’s got warm brassy bits, a big chorus and a strong female backing vocals (not sure who’s sang backing vocals – anyone know?) and it one-two-three, one-two-three’d itself into our hearts back in 1970.

Written by Terry Demspey, who would end up sharing top honours for number of hits by a song writer on the Springbok charts, Dave certainly made a name for himself with ‘Theresa’. ‘Love Is A Beautiful Thing’ would get him to number 1 on the charts in SA as well as make the Aussie charts, and is the song most people remember Mills for, however it’s worth digging out ‘Theresa’ for the odd listen now and again as it’s just as strong a song.

Where to find it:
You have to go digging in old vinyl shops as far as I can tell or go to…


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