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The Eagle Has Landed – Dickie Loader & Freedom’s Children

The Eagle Has Landed – Dickie Loader & Freedom’s Children

The Eagle Has Landed - Dickie Loader

The Eagle Has Landed – Dickie Loader

This unlikely teaming up of a rock ‘n’ roller with a prog rock outfit
produced a startling result.  Dickie Loader started making records in
the early 60’s with his band The Blue Jeans. This music tended to be
covers of rock ‘n’ roll classics like ‘High School Confidential’,
‘Summertime Blues’, and ‘Sea Of Heartbreak’. But when the decade
rolled over, he went into the studio without his Blue Jeans (hopefully
he was wearing other trousers) and produced an aptly entitled album
called ‘A Breath Of Fresh Air’.

Three of the tracks on this album featured Freedom’s Children, those
heavy rockers of ‘Astra’ fame. The results were quite possibly a
little off putting for Loader fans, but fans of the Children would
have loved it.

‘The Eagle Has Landed’, a song about the moon landing, is a dense
affair, packed full of screeching guitars, heavy bass and a powerful
vocal performance from Loader. This track is a juggernaut that rams
its way through your consciousness and leaves your speakers exhausted.

Warning: Do not listen to Sonja Herholdt immediately after listening
to this; your brain will not be able to handle the gear change.

Where to find it:
Astral Daze – Various Artists, RetroFresh, (2005), FRESHCD148


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2 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed – Dickie Loader & Freedom’s Children

  1. Jean-Marie Machiels on said:

    Found your blog looking for the release date of this song. Sounds like early 70s but can also be late 60s. Looking forward to discover the other songs you posted, especially the older and harder stuff. Regards from Belgium

  2. Susie Osner on said:

    Hello Dicky Loader..Roger and I met you at Carnival City and would like to know where you and Carleen are performing these days.We d love to come to a show again…
    Sea of Heartbreak remains a favourite with us.!!!
    Susie Osner( Nigel)

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