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Jenny Jenny – Dickie Loader& The Blue Jeans

Jenny Jenny – Dickie Loader

Jenny Jenny – Dickie Loader

When Dickie Loader sang about Jenny Jenny and invited her to ‘come and do the shake with me’ he was taking on Little Richard as the latter had also invited Jenny to ‘come along with me’. This Jenny (who was obviously so good that they had named her twice) must have had a tough time trying to decide which of these to go with as they both have very insistent pleas for her attention.

While Little Richard uses sexy sax and plenty piano to woo her, Dickie goes for the jugular with some great guitar work, you know that raw guitar that blistered through a good number of early rock ‘n’ roll songs. Dickie woops and shrieks his way through this fast paced cover of the Little Richard song, injecting it with all the wild teenage hormones that he could summons.

This was a great take on the song, capturing all the right elements of the early days of rock n roll and is perfect for anyone wanting to relive some of those times when grease was the word. Loader and his Blue Jeans’ version of ‘Jenny Jenny’ would make it to the top of the LM Radio charts in 1964 and its not too surprising given the tight way this song shakes, rattles and rolls.

Where to find it:
Various Artists – The Best of SA Pop Volume 3 (1994) GSP, CDREDD 610

The End – Dickie Loader & Freedom’s Children

Dickie Loader - A Breath Of Fresh Air

Dickie Loader – A Breath Of Fresh Air

People sometimes use the word ‘searing’ to describe a guitar lick. The definition of searing is ‘extremely hot or intense’ which I guess is quite an apt way to try and explain the guitar sound that seems to tear through your speakers as soon as ‘The End’ starts. It is an extrememly intense moment that kick starts this collaboration between Dickie Loader and Freedom’s Children.

Loader had been around on the local scene for a while as Dickie Loader & The Blue Jeans, but one day he dropped his Blue Jeans and, avoiding any public indecency charges, forged a solo career. However, with this offering from 1970, he teamed up with those Astral rockers, Freedom’s Children, for a couple of tracks on his album ‘A Breath Of Fresh Air’. The result if the familiar dense wall of rock that the Chidren were capable of producing, over which Loader seems to manange to mix Robert Plant’s voice with that of Elvis to get a rock ‘n roll ‘n metal effect. The result is 2 and a half minutes of, well, there isn’t really any other words for it, but ‘searing rock’.

Most of Loader’s material has been confined to vinyl history, however, this is one of the few gems from him that have managed to make it into the digital era thanks to Benjy Mudie at Retrofresh records who dug this one out of the vault to include in the second in the series of Astral Daze albums, a series which captures the best of an era when guitars were fuzzy and loud and vocals were overdosing on testosterone. The inclusion of ‘The End’ on ‘Astral Daze 2’ is testament to the song being one of the standout tracks of its era.

Where to find it
Astral Daze 2 – Various Artists, RetroFresh, (2009), FRESHCD162


The Eagle Has Landed – Dickie Loader & Freedom’s Children

The Eagle Has Landed – Dickie Loader & Freedom’s Children

The Eagle Has Landed - Dickie Loader

The Eagle Has Landed – Dickie Loader

This unlikely teaming up of a rock ‘n’ roller with a prog rock outfit
produced a startling result.  Dickie Loader started making records in
the early 60’s with his band The Blue Jeans. This music tended to be
covers of rock ‘n’ roll classics like ‘High School Confidential’,
‘Summertime Blues’, and ‘Sea Of Heartbreak’. But when the decade
rolled over, he went into the studio without his Blue Jeans (hopefully
he was wearing other trousers) and produced an aptly entitled album
called ‘A Breath Of Fresh Air’.

Three of the tracks on this album featured Freedom’s Children, those
heavy rockers of ‘Astra’ fame. The results were quite possibly a
little off putting for Loader fans, but fans of the Children would
have loved it.

‘The Eagle Has Landed’, a song about the moon landing, is a dense
affair, packed full of screeching guitars, heavy bass and a powerful
vocal performance from Loader. This track is a juggernaut that rams
its way through your consciousness and leaves your speakers exhausted.

Warning: Do not listen to Sonja Herholdt immediately after listening
to this; your brain will not be able to handle the gear change.

Where to find it:
Astral Daze – Various Artists, RetroFresh, (2005), FRESHCD148

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