1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Sibuyele 915 – Amampondo

Sibuyele 915 – Amampondo



Amampondo seem to want to hit things. And just as well they did,
because they probably wouldn’t have been famous if they didn’t.
Fortunately for those around them, the things they wanted to hit were
musical instruments – drums, xylophones and such like. Their ability
with these instruments apparently hit the right notes with Madiba as
they are reputed to be one of his favourite bands.

Dedicated to the people of the 915 Langa barracks, the Sibuyele 915
translates as ‘Back to 915’.  The song is a joyous marimba-fest, full
of life and energy. There are whistles (human types), cowbells and a
chant of the title that pulse throughout the song. Along with a few
changes in pace to keep things fresh and exciting. This song will have
you singing ‘Sibuyele 915’ long after the last plunked sound of the
marimba has died from your speakers.

Where to find it:
Hi-Jivin – Various Artists, Gr.Ex, (1997)


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