1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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South African Male – The Aeroplanes

South African Male – The Aeroplanes

Aeroplanes Greatest Hits

The Aeroplanes Greatest Hits

Most of The Aeroplanes’ Greatest Hits CD could be found on their eponymous (and as far as I can tell) only release. However, one of the tracks that was not on the original album is ‘South African Male’ and the original album is poorer for that omission (despite still being an essential album you should hear).

‘South African Male’ seems as loose and deurmekaar as its subject matter would be on a Friday night after a few Castles too many. However, don’t be deceived by this apparent shambolic-ness, there’s real bite beneath the semi-drunken chorus that tell us ‘South African Male, You’re a South African Male’, because this song was written during those politically charged days of the 1980’s when apartheid was in full swing.

After telling us that we are South African males’ the ’planes go on to add that ‘You got a uniform.’ The full stop at the end of the line is emphatic and drives home the point that as a South African Male, you have to go play soldiers. In juxtaposition to this, a heavily accented ou charfs you how he has a big car and tape deck and how he goes out, gets pissed and picks up some chicks. But then there is suddenly a drill sergeant’s shout just to remind you that life is not one big party.

Additional males listed are Sean Taylor, David Butler and Nicky Rebelo, all well-known South African actors of that era and they add a sense of theatre to the song. Unfortunately, these Aeroplanes never took off and we only have a handful of nuggets of theirs to enjoy and ‘South African Male’ is one of the shiniest.

Where to find it:

Greatest Hits – The Aeroplanes,  1986 (No label given) CDCJM001


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