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Die Trein – Richard Black

Die Trein – Richard Black (Next Stop Maatjiesfontien)

Richard Black - Skadu Dans

Richard Black - Skadu Dans

Not only was Richard Black involved with McCully Workshop, he was involved when they recorded one of their seminal anthems, ‘The Buccaneer‘. Not a bad thing to put on your Rock CV. However, given that the Workshop isn’t always open, Richard needed to find other ways of letting off some musical steam.

In 1999, he released a solo album ‘Skadu Dans’ (Shadow Dance) which was influenced by the 50’s guitar bands like the Ventures and The Shadows and on it, we hear Richard laying down some fine guitar licks. Die Trein is one of the tracks (yeah, I know that sounds weird) on the album and bounces along in a relaxing manner with just a hint of the, clickety-clack rhythm of a train rattling along.

It may not rock in quite the same way that McCully Workshop did, but it has its own rock and roll rhythm. Also, it’s always good to hear an instrumental track in Afrikaans.

Where to find it:

Skadu Dans – Richard Black [1997]

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  1. Lukas on said:

    Where can I find a copy?

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