1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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42 – Kelvin Declined

42 – Kelvin Declined (Turn down the temperature)

Kelvin Declined

Kelvin Declined

With an almost fashionable name, Kelvin Declined set about making a solid, grungy eponymous album that opened with 42. The song seems to creep out of the speakers at you and the twisting guitar hook intertwines with your brain in a slightly scary manner.

Then along comes Mark McCree’s edgy vocals that cut into your psyche and add to the discomfort you are feeling. Meanwhile, the rest of the band thrash out a solid rock backdrop to this track that spent 2 weeks at the top of the SA Rock Digest charts.

There are shades of Alice in Chains lurking in the background here, or if you prefer an SA comparison, Zen Arcade.

42 was covered, or perhaps remixed is a better word by Namibian star Ees who adds rap vocals and hip hop beats, but keeps that great guitar hook and samples the original quite heavily.

Where to find it:

Kelvin Declined – Kelvin Declined (April 2002), Rhythm Records


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