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Shadows – éVoid

Shadows – éVoid

Shadows – éVoid

Brothers Lucien and Erik Windrich started out plying their trade in a band called Void. A cover version of The Knack’s ‘My Sharona’ is the only known release under that name. It was only when they added the ‘e’ in front of the band’s name and recruited drummer Wayne Harker that things really started to happen. With their fresh ethnopunk sound, outrageous fadget fashion and energetic live shows, they soon caught the attention of the public with a song that would go on to become a South African classic.

‘Shadows’ is a song full of feelings and texture. It seems to glide out the speakers at you and transports you through the air above the bundu bush of Africa. It is as timeless as Africa itself.

The song got to number 3 on the Springbok Radio Charts (4 on Radio 5, and number 1 on Capital 604 charts) and helped make the band’s eponymous debut the first local album to top the Springbok Album charts which had started in 1982.

In 2000 Retro Fresh, the record label dedicated to re-releasing classic SA music on CD, put out the album ‘éVoid’ which contained some bonus tracks not on the original vinyl, and it fast became one of the best selling CD’s on that label, a testament to the popularity of the band, but in particular, the song ‘Shadows’.

A year later, Wonderboom, featuring one time drummer for Void, Danny de Wet, paid homage to the achievements of éVoid by recording a gritty version of  ‘Shadows’.

Where to find it:

éVoid (1983, 2000), RetroFresh, freshcd 106 (CD, downloads)
Various Artists – The Best of SA Pop Volume 2 (1994) GMP, CDGMPD 40486 (CD)


I had the strangest dream
In the bundu bush of Africa
I was king of kings
There I stood, the jungle lion
I had the strangest dream

Shadows, shadows, Shadows
I’m waiting, waiting, in the shadows
The lion hunting down the lover
Burning with the hunger

In your eyes I saw fear
Though you stood like a silver spear
Trembling in the wind
I smelt the scent
Your sweet, sweet scent
Your eyes
So full of fear


I muscled into attack, my body arcing through the air
You became a burning bush
And I a victim of your snare


(Words & Music Erik & Lucien Windrich)

Live at Concert in the Park :

Wonderboom Cover:

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5 thoughts on “Shadows – éVoid

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  2. Ian Knightley on said:

    Damn this makes me miss the 80’s

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  4. I have been trying to remember who this song was by for ages. Thanks for the help.

  5. Hi There,

    “éVoid have reunited and will be touring South Africa. Here’s an interview with Erik Windrich: http://j.mp/1lUuHPV

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