1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Kwela Walk – éVoid

Kwela Walk – éVoid

I Am A Fadget (12" single) (1984) WEA, WIM 415

I Am A Fadget (12″ single) (1984)

‘Kwela Walk’ was on the B-Side of the ‘I Am A Fadget’ single, but was not included on éVoid’s 1983 eponymous debut album. It also didn’t feature amongst the bonus material on the 2000 Retro Fresh release of that album, so lovers of this joyfully bouncy track had to wait till September of 2001 when it was included in the CD re-release of ‘Here Comes The Rot.’

Quite why this song was relegated to a b-side is still a mystery to me. Yes, it’s not quite in the same league as ‘Shadows’ (but then that song is in a league of its own) but it certainly is as infectious as ‘Taximan’ or ‘I Am A Fadget’. It has enough township joie de vivre, whistles and mbaqanga rhythms to lift the soul and get the feet tapping. I think few can deny that ‘Kwela Walk’ can stand shoulder to shoulder not only with éVoid’s output, but with any song to have come out of the southern tip of Africa.

Where to find it:

I Am A Fadget (12″ single) (1984) WEA, WIM 415
Here Comes The Rot (CD re-issue) – éVoid, (1986, 2001), Retro Fresh, FRESHCD117


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