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Lisa se Klavier – Koos Kombuis

Lisa se Klavier – Koos Kombuis (Do tramps really dream of piano playing women?)

Koos Kombuis (real name André le Roux du Toit) was one of the leading
figures of the Voëlvry tour that brought alternative Afrikaans music
to the masses in South Africa. There was a lot of anger at the
apartheid government running through the tour and the lyrics of the
songs associated with it were often vitriolic. From these beginnings
one would be excused from being surprised that Koos could pen and
record a song of such beauty, however, with hindsight, we now know
what a talent Koos is.

Affectionately known as the Bard of Gordon’s Bay, he took a simple
scene of sitting in a woman friend’s front room, listening to her play
the piano and turned it into a song that is as magical as the piano
playing he described in the lyrics. The song starts with an almost
spoken refrain over a simple acoustic guitar and piano, then builds to
the gorgeous, soaring chorus of ‘En die hele wêreld word stil, en
luister in die donker uur, na die nag geluide van Lisa se klavier.’
When listening to this rousing song, you can imagine the whole world
stopping to listen to Koos’ ‘Lisa se Klavier’ as it fills the room
with something so special that it commands your attention. Koos’ album
‘Elke Boomelaar Se Droom’ took its title from the line in Lisa se
Klavier where, the beauty of her music, turns Lisa into ‘elke
boomerlaar se droom’.

Just about every wannabe alt.afrikaans artist has at one point picked
up a guitar and sung this song and a screeds of cover versions of
varying quality exist, including  the interesting ‘Reggae Lisa’ by
Wouter van de Venter and an English version by Clint & Co.
‘Lisa se Klavier’ has become one of the most popular Afrikaans tunes of all time and
deserves a listen (if you haven’t already heard it).

Where to find it:

1989 piano version with James Phillips:
Niemandsland And Beyond! (1989)

1994 violin version:
Elke Boemelaar se Droom (1994) GMP, CDGMP40452

Koos says he can’t remember the violinist’s first name. “I know his surname, though.” says Koos. “He is a Vermaak. His older brother, who is better known to me, is Chris, who later became producer of my CD ‘Madiba Bay’. A very talented family.”

1998 acoustic version with Leila Groenewald:
5FM TDK SA Music Explosion – The Radio Sessions Vol. 1

2000 live version with Albert Frost:
Blou Kombuis (Live) (2000)

2009 version with Lize Beekman:
Koos Kombuis (2009)

Cover Versions (selected):

  • The Parlotones
  • Dozi
  • Symphonia
  • Wouter van Deventer (as Reggae Lisa)
  • Clint & Co (as Lisa’s Piano)
  • Wasserfall
  • Q-Zoo (QKumba Zoo)
  • Laurika Rauch
  • Wessel van Rensburg and McCoy Mrubata
  • Jacques de Coning (medley with Die Stem)


Ek het ‘n vriendin ver by die blou see
Teen die hang van Tafelberg, as die son sak, speel sy die mooiste melodiëe
Haar vingers ken die pad opgesluit in wit en swart
Die klavier se grootste vreugde, hartseer en verlange, verstaan die
hart se diepste smart

Koortjie: (x2)
Ja, die hele wereld word stil, en luister in die donker uur
Na die naggeluide van Lisa se Klavier

En Lisa kannie ophou as sy eers begin het nie,
En sy laat my nooit huistoe loop of afskeid neem voor my laaste sigaret nie
Ek staan op haar balkon, ek drink haar appelkoostee
Kyk uit na Kaapstad in die nag, die liggies, en die swart, swart see

Koortjie (x2)

En onder op die sypaadjie, sien ek die bergie en sy maat
staan op en opkyk ver na bo, vannuit die vullis van Oranjestraat
Hul ken al lank die klanke wat uit haar woonstel stroom
Lank na twaalf, met die deure oop, al moan die bure ookal hoe,
Word Lisa elke boemelaar se droom


(Woorde en Musiek: Koos Kombuis)

© Koos Kombuis Published by Shifty Music / Trapsuutjies Uitgewers



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4 thoughts on “Lisa se Klavier – Koos Kombuis

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  4. Without a doubt an outstanding song and probably my favourite Afrikaans song. I can remember hearing it in the early hours on the old Radio Orion (Robin Alexander – The Lion if Orion). It’s still a song, that to me, should be played in the darkness after midnight to get the full effect. Koos is a national treasure.

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