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Baby You’ve Been Good – Robin Auld

Baby You've Been Good - Robin Auld

Baby You’ve Been Good – Robin Auld

Before his baby was good to him, Robin Auld released an album called ‘At The Corner’ in 1984 which contained the single ‘First And Last’. Well thankfully this was not the last we heard from the Kommetjie Kid as it was with his follow up album and single that Auld came to the attention of the country. The album was ‘Z-Astaire’ and the single was ‘Baby You’ve Been Good To Me.’ He suddenly found himself with a number 25 hit on both the Springbok and Capital 604 charts as well as a number 8 hit on the Radio 5 charts.

‘Baby You’ve Been Good To Me’, in a way, defined Auld’s style. It is a laid back rock track. There are hints of Dire Straits in there with some neat guitar playing and the song seems to drift along on a wave of good feeling. This is complimented by Auld’s distinctive voice which is both rough and smooth at the same time. There is a kind of gravelly sound in there, but the overall effect is of a relaxing smoothness.

And the lyrics drift along with the song. The line‘Baby you’ve been good to me/There is still so much that we can see/doesn’t matter if we’re looking through a cloud’ conjures up images of floating along on a cloud watching the world go by, feeling relaxed in the warmth of the love of his baby.

Auld went on to produce further South African gems, but this, for many, would have been their introduction to one of our most talented singer/songwriters. His ‘baby’ was good to him as it launched a career that has continued for a number of decades now and is still going.

Where to find it:
The Best Of Robin Auld Vol 1 – Robin Auld (1999) TicTicBang, BANGCD888


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