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Six String Razor – Mauritz Lotz

Six String Razor – Mauritz Lotz

Six String Razor – Mauritz Lotz

Lovers of a good old work out on the electric guitar will certainly enjoy this track. With shades of heavy metal groups such as Iron Maiden and Scorpion mixing with the more AOR sounds of groups like Journey, Asia and Foreigner, this instrumental track is prefect for you. It is also a good one for would be air-guitar heroes.
Mauritz Lotz has not really been at the forefront of South African music, but is certainly a ‘back room’ muso of note not only having worked with the likes of Mango Groove, Johannes Kerkorrel and Lesley Rae Dowling locally but has also worked with international stars such as Chris de Burgh, Dave Matthews and Ice Cube. And it’s not too surprising when listening to ‘Six String Razor’, the title track from his 1990 album.
From the outset, you know you are going to ROCK!!!! There is that sort of scratchy, ominous rock intro that continues throughout the song, holding it together and keeping it grounded, allowing Lotz’s guitar to soar, race and yowl at will. And it does so in a way you that has you soaring, racing and yowling along with it.
‘Six String Razor’ is as crisp and clean as any shave that a razor company will tell you you can get. It gets close to your skin, but never irritates and leaves you feeling refreshed. I like it Lotz.
Where to find it:
Six String Razor – Mauritz Lotz (1990), Tusk, TUCD12

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