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Fragile – Venessa Nolan

Burn - Venessa Nolan

Burn – Venessa Nolan

In 2001, a new talent emerge on the local scene and that was Venessa Nolan (no relation to the Nolan sisters as far as I know). Her debut album ‘Burn’ set the music scene alight with smouldering and moody songs. Despite its name, ‘Fragile’ was not the quietest track on the album. In fact it ranks up there as one of the rockiest.

Not that Venessa is a rock chick, she is more a singer/songwriter in the mould of Carole King, except she rocks a bit more. ‘Fragile’ is built around Venessa’s piano, and Paul Tizzard’s ever present dumming. Yo Yo Buy’s provides a solid backbone bass and Tigger Reunert chips on on the guitar to round off the sound of this solid pop-rock tune.

‘Fragile’ provided Venessa with one of her 3 number 1 hits on the SA Rockdigest Charts. It is difficult to say that it was one of the stand out track on ‘Burn’ as there were so many good tunes on that album and ‘Fragile’ stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the others. Fragile? They don’t break them like they used to.

Where to find it:
Burn – Venessa Nolan, (2001), Rhythm, RR005

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