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Grips Of Emotion – Lesley Rae Dowling

Grips Of Emotion – Lesley Rae Dowling (That Trapped Feeling)

Grips Of Emotion – Lesley Rae Dowling

Grips Of Emotion – Lesley Rae Dowling

Few artists announced themselves in such a dramatic fashion as Lesley Rae Dowling did. A scorching guitar intro followed by this sultry, enchanting voice and you were in the grips of emotion and of Lesley Rae. Written by Lesley and Tully McCully, produced by Tully, featuring the guitar skills of Jethro Butow, and with ‘The Spaniard’ as the other side of the single, it was no surprise that ‘Grips Of Emotion’ quickly found its way on to the Springbok Top 20. What was surprising
was that it peaked at a miserly number 11.

It is a further mystery that this was her only top 20 hit, despite 3 other songs (‘I Want To Dance With You’; ‘I’m A Woman’ and ‘Innocent Child’) charting on Radio 5 and (‘Give A Little’; ‘I’m A Woman’ and ‘When The Night Comes’) charting on the Capital 604 charts.

‘Grips…’ also seems to have become overshadowed by ‘The Spaniard’ as time has gone by with more people quoting the latter as Lesley’s best song, but for many of us, ‘Grips…’ was our introduction to Lesley Rae and, as good as ‘The Spaniard’ is, we will always prefer ‘Grips of  Emotion’.  Most of Lesley Rae Dowling’s back catalogue is now available on CD from Fresh Music – woo-hooo!

Where to find it:

CD: Lesley Rae Dowling/Unravished Brides – Lesley Rae Dowling (2011), Fresh Music, FRESHCD 149


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