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All Of Woman – Robin Auld

All Of Woman – Robin Auld

All Of Woman – Robin Auld

In December 1984, Robin Auld saw his first Radio 5 hit in the form of ‘Baby You’ve Been Good To Me’ which got to number 8 on those charts and, while a pleasant and popular song, it did come across a bit as one by someone still learning their trade. Roll on about 8 months and Auld came along with a stronger offering in the form of ‘All Of Woman’ and this improvement was rewarded as he topped the Radio 5 charts with it.

Like its predecessor, ‘All Of Woman’ is a laid back love song which starts with a gentle beat and synthesized orchestral sounds. These are joined by sort of xylophony ‘plink plonks’ (sorry don’t know how else to describe them) before Robin comes along with his gentle vocals declaring that his love is ‘All of woman/to me’. But listening to the rest of the lyrics, the song is like a bunch of flowers sent in order to make up as the singer confesses ‘I know I’ve made you sad/I admit that I’ve been bad’.

We all like a break up/make up story in films and songs but here we are not told if the ‘make up’ happens, but are rather left to decide if the song itself is strong enough to garner the forgiveness that is being sought. Well those jocks on Radio 5 certainly though Robin had done enough as they propelled him to the top of their charts and its not difficult to see why they thought so. Check out the acoustic recording Robin did of the song in 2015 (see link below) and I think you will agree that Robin created a timeless classic with this one.

Where to find it:
The Best of Vol 1 – Robin Auld (1999), TicTicBang, BANGCD888


Acoustic version video:

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2 thoughts on “All Of Woman – Robin Auld

  1. wiredforsound77 on said:

    I will admit, it’s a great romantic song.

  2. Leeroy Codner on said:

    Great version Robin…… good job site managers!!

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