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Colour Me In – Sunways

The Moon Is A Spoon - Sunways

The Moon Is A Spoon – Sunways

Is this a race? It certainly feels like it. From the moment you hit play on Sunways’ ‘Colour Me In’ it is hurtling to its end and the end is not far off as the song clocks in at just on 1 minute and 50 seconds, but they are 1 minute and 50 seconds well spent as it’s a wonderful rush of raucous rock with a catchy refrain of ‘bang bang bang let me colour me in’.
The band, consisting of Robbie Boake, Sarah Hills, Jason Horseman and Sherene Hustler, formed on a sugar farm called Sunways just near Richard’s Bay and given this little nugget from them, its no wonder their first signing was to Tic Tic Bang records as it does feel like Robbie on vocals is heading to explode and he almost does as, after the fuse of the song burns quickly, he ends with a final cry off ‘I should have let you gooooooo!’. A perfect end to this piece of rock that follows Neil Young’s advice that its better to burn out than to fade away.
‘Colour Me In’ would get to number 2 on the SA Rockdigest charts and ended up being number 30 on the list of the top 50 songs of 2001. It appeared on Sunways first album, ‘The Moon Is A Spoon’ which was awarded the SAMA Rock Album of the Year. Full of colour and blistering hot like the sun, ‘Colour Me In’ is 2 minutes of SA rock history that burned brightly at the time and is yet to fade away.
Where to find it:
The Moon Is A Spoon – Sunways (2002), Fresh Music, FRESHCD122
SA Rock Gold – Various Artist (2010), Universal, TUMGCD100



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