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Come Down -Perez

Picture Perfect - Perez

Picture Perfect – Perez

Perez were a rather short lived band that came to the fore in 2002 with their album ‘Picture Perfect’ which just missed out on being the SA Rockdigest’s album of the year, being beaten in to second place by Kobus!’s ‘Kobus!’. The track ‘Come Down’ was ranked the 16th best song of the year by the Digest.

‘Come Down’ is one of those growling, grungy tracks that vacillates between quiet and calm to guitar heavy raw rock and it makes the transition between the 2 with ease. Perhaps it’s the fact that the band hailed from Durban that gave the edge in doing so as anyone who has spent time at the coast in KZN will tell you, that sea can be calm and serene one day and then the next it can have huge pounding waves. This what ‘Come Down’ is like.

Perez got their big break at Splashy Fen where they wow-ed the audience with their brand of grungy rock. It was little wonder that they went on to scale the heights of the local music scene. Sadly, its been all quiet on the Perez front since they Came Down like one of those massive Durban breakers onto the scene. But for that brief moment, they certainly made an impact.

Where to find it:
Picture Perfect – Perez (2002), Sovereign Records

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One thought on “Come Down -Perez

  1. SO much more to say here, dual vocalists and so much energy! Perez got back together for a 2nd album in about 2008, but then that also didn’t last. they have however started up again, and even played splashy fen in 2018

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