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Alles Sal OK Wees – Spinnekop

Groen Kitaar - Spinnekop’ Mabuse

Groen Kitaar – Spinnekop

No this is not an advert for a certain supermarket chain (and ‘Alles sal ‘Pick ‘n’ Pay Wees’ also wouldn’t scan), but it’s a track off Spinnekop’s rather fine album ‘Groenkitaar’. Unlike the lead track on the album, ‘Binneland In’, this is a slower affair with a sort of relaxed, slightly menacing feel to it. The guitars seem to creep out of the speakers and swirl around as sort of background ghosts that you are aware of, but can’t really see. Over this, Gian Groen’s gravelly vocals tell us ‘moenie worrie nie, alles sal okay wees’ (don’t worry everything will be fine), but it doesn’t feel very reassuring and that’s what makes the song.

The juxtaposition of the positive message of the lyrics against the less than upbeat sound leaves one wondering. But despite all this there is a beauty in the sentiments as the singer tries to convince (presumably) their partner that although there is all the turmoil and upheaval in the world, things will be fine and the underlying message is that because we are together ‘ons twee sal cool wees’ (the two of us will be cool).

This is an understated song that smoulders quietly away and is perhaps overlooked by many, but its worth seeking out and taking that journey through the darkness of the track because you do emerge at the other end with a sense of positiveness.

Where to find it:
Groenkitaar – Spinnekop, Afrimusik (2002), AFRIMUSIK25

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