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Only When It Rains – Mean Mr Mustard

Only When It Rains - Mean Mr Mustard

Only When It Rains – Mean Mr Mustard

Beatles fans amongst you will recognise this band’s name, only your immediate thought would be, that’s a track off the ‘Abbey Road’ album isn’t it. Well yes, you are right, and I’m guessing that South African band Mean Mr Mustard’s name had nothing to do with Mr Coleman.

Despite the Beatles connection with their name, their sound was not Beatle-esque. It is more melodic rock somewhat akin to Just Jinger and ‘Only When It Rains’ (which co-incidently it is doing as I am writing  this – weird that) is a beautiful track that is perhaps a little less hard edged than some of the Mustard’s other tracks. It features some emotive vocals by Mark Beling with some measured guitars underpinning them. There is a heartfelt appeal in his voice, begging his love to stay.

There is also a comforting feel about the record, as if they are offering you protection from the storms of life. This was Mean Mr Mustard at their very best and it is no co-incidence that the track is the opening one of their ‘Best Of’ album released in 2008. So as the rain pours down and The Beatles fans move away from this review having learned a little bit more about things Beatle related, but not actually The Fab Four, I just need to leave you with the thought that this Mean Mr Mustard who sang ‘Only When It Rains’ apart from not being themselves a Beatles track, are also not a small take out restaurant in Hendsersonville in North Carolina, just in case you got confused there (Google the restaurant, I’m not making this up).

Where to find it:
Only When It Rains – Mean Mr Mustard (2002), Ster Musiek


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