1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Predictions – Hawk

Hawk (Aka Joburg Hawk)

Hawk (Aka Joburg Hawk)

To include or not to include, that seems to have been the question that surrounded Hawk’s ‘Predictions’. The song originally appeared on the original 1972 South African vinly release of ‘Africa She Too Can Cry’ but did not make it onto the 1973 European vinyl release (yes the album was released outside our borders with the band taking on the name Joburg Hawk). It reappeared on an unofficial Japanese CD release of the album (circa 1998) but disappeared again when Retrofresh released the album locally on CD. So, who can, erm, predict what the next release will bring.

The song itself is a dense affair with claustrophobic and booming guitars, tumbling drums that fuzz out of the speaker, just on the right side of distortion, but with enough haze about the sound to be slightly unnerving. And over this soaring like a, erm, hawk, is the voice of Dave Ornellas. Back in the day, Dave had a wild bush of hair on his head and a voice that sounded as of it had been dragged through a wild bush. Its ragged sound only offset by it boom and it sort of sits somewhere between Ozzy Osbourne and Joe Cocker.

‘Predictions’ is a song that pummels you into liking it by is sheer force. It is an intense affair that you can, thankfully, find on the Retrofresh compilation Astral Daze. Perhaps they realised the mistake they made in leaving it off the ‘Africa She To Can Cry’ CD and with the wonders of modern technology and playlists, you can put it back in it’s rightful place as track 3.

Where to find it:
Astral Daze – Various Artists, RetroFresh, (2005), FRESHCD148


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