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The Tips Of My Fingers – Peter Vee

The Tips Of My Fingers – Peter Vee

Peter Vee - The Tips Of My Fingers

Peter Vee – The Tips Of My Fingers

Peter Vee has been involved in the South African music business for a long time. He began his career by joining The Invaders in 1962. He has worked with The Four Dukes, Sons of She, The In Crowd, The Staccatos, The Outlet and Buffalo. He has worked as a musician and producer. In between all this he found time for a solo career which produced 4 SA Top 20 hits, including ‘The Tips Of My Fingers’ which entered the charts on 11 January 1974, spent 11 weeks in the top 20, peaking at number 8. This was to be the highest position he gained as a solo artist (‘Working On A Good Thing’ by The Outlet which he co-wrote with Clive Calder made number 2).

The song is about not grabbing love when the opportunity arises. “I had your love on the tips of my fingers, but I let you slip right through my hands,” Vee laments in an early Cliff Richard voice. The song flows back and forth between tender refrains and crescendos of the chorus, all well-oiled by some slick production.

Where to find it:
Various Artists – The Best of SA Pop Volume 3 (1994) GSP, CDREDD 610


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One thought on “The Tips Of My Fingers – Peter Vee

  1. Casper Genis on said:

    This song was originally written by Bill Anderson in America, we all thought that it was local!

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