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Who’s That Girl – Danny K

J23 - Danny K

J23 – Danny K

There was an entertainer way back in the 40’s and 50’s called Danny Kaye (some of the older readers of this blog may remember him. He played the original Walter Mitty which was recently remade with Ben Stiller in the title role). Well, other than sharing a phonetic name with Daniel Koppel (aka Danny K), and the fact that they were entertainers, there is little else to compare the two.

One thing that Kaye could not do that K was able to, was to call on Johnny Clegg to feature on a hit of his, and this is what K did with ‘Who’s That Girl’. The song has a bit of a feel of one of those collaborations between one of those fresh faced youngsters with whiny voices (like Justin Bieber) and a rapper (like Will.I.Am), but more from the point of view of a style-clash coming up with a catchy pop song. Danny K’s vocals are made for silky R&B singing while Johnny Clegg is, well Johnny Clegg. On ‘Who’s That Girl’ these diverse talents actually work together with the song swinging between sounding like a Savuka song and something by Usher.

This is an usual coupling and one that produced a classic R&B track that one would have to search long and hard to find something similar to it. It is something uniquely South Africa, yet sounds like an international hit.

Where to find it:
J23, (2003), RPM Dance, CDRPM 1821
Great South African Performers (2011), Gallo, CDPS 029


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