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Don’t Want To Live In Hollywood – The Helicopters

The Best Of The Helicopters

The Best Of The Helicopters

I’m a little confused. The song is entitled ‘I Don’t Wanna To Live In Hollywood’, but the lyrics go, ‘I don’t wanna live in hell, I wanna live in Hollywood’. Perhaps flying around in a helicopter does that to one. However, ignoring this little anomaly and just concentrating on the song itself, you end up with a catchy synthpop song that was as good as any that came out of SA in the 80’s.

Sadly, however, it did not seem to garner much commercial success. I’m not sure if that was because there wasn’t a studio version (as far as I can tell) of the song as the only version I’ve managed to find on Youtube is a live version and the version included on the ‘The Best of The Helicopters’ 2002 Retrofresh CD release is also a live version. Maybe I’m wrong and there is a studio version out there.

The song did manage to get to number 12 on the Radio 702 charts, but generally did not fare as well as their earlier offerings of ‘Mysteries & Jealousies’ and ‘Whisper Your Secret’, yet it was just as catchty as those 2, in fact it showed a maturing of the group (just before they broke up) which, in my opinion, left it as a bit of a lost classic.

Some may say that hell and Hollywood are the same thing, but listening to ‘Don’t Wanna Live In Hollywood’ by The Helicopters, made it just fine to live in South Africa at the time that came out.

Where to find it:
The Best Of The Helicopters – The Helicopters (2002), Fresh Music, FRESHCD128


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