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When The Boogie Dies – Syd Kitchen

Quintessentially - Syd Kitchen

Quintessentially – Syd Kitchen

‘People get so lonesome when the boogie dies’. Well that’s what Syd Kitchen sings over a boogielicious guitar in this stripped down live slice of cheerfulness. It feels as if Syd’s fingers are doing a little dance across the strings as the sound bops around around the the slightly gravelly voice.

The song goes through a list of things that ‘people get so X when Y’ happens in Syd’s sharp-eyed observations on human nature for example, ‘People get so dangerous when they got no dreams.’ There is also room in the songs for a short spurt of scat and a momentary interlude of Syd showing off his guitar skills. The sound is a bit like what one would expect from the Aquarian Quartet, but with vocals.

This is not quite Syd’s usual style, but it is a joyful romp of a song which, as far as I can tell, is only available in the live version. It’s warm and cheerful toe-tapping stuff from the hippiest of hippies. So cuddle up to this song and don’t get lonesome.

Where to find it:
Quintessentially – Syd Kitchen (2004), No Budget Records


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