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I Loved ‘Em Everyone – Billy Forrest

I Loved ‘Em Everyone - Billy Forrest

I Loved ‘Em Everyone – Billy Forrest

There is a very definite connection between the song ‘I Loved ‘Em Everyone’, singing under a pseudomyn, your original first name being William and your surname starting with a ‘B’. In 1981 William Neal Browder (better known as T.G. Sheppard) recorded the song which was penned by Phil Sampson and it became his 7th number 1 on the Country Singles Charts in the US. In 1983 William Broad (aka Billy Forrest) took his version to number 17 in South Africa.

The song covers the same ground as the Willie Nelson/Julio Iglesias song ‘To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before’ as it is a tribute to all the women the singers have loved and how they “Loved Them Everyone” and how he would loved to have “kept ‘em all”. It paints a picture of a wanderer who strikes up relationships and then moves on. There is a mixed emotion in the song as it seems that the singer enjoyed having met all these woman, but at the same time there is an undercurrent of regret at not being able to settle down with one.

Its not a full on country song with twangy guitars and voices, but would probably better be described as country rock as there are some heavier touches on the guitar which give it a harder edge, but it still has that sort of wide open prairie sound to keep it country.

There is not a huge amount to choose from between Billy and T.G.’s versions. They are pretty similar, but as South Africans, we got to know the song through Billy Forrest. He was a prolific singer, coming up with songs under a variety of names, but we ‘Loved ‘Em Every One.’

Where to find it:
The Heart And Soul Of – Billy Forrest (2001), Gallo, CDREDD 654

Billy Forrest:

T.G. Sheppard:

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