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Cry Bluebird Cry – Rising Sons

Cry Bluebird Cry – Rising Sons

Cry Bluebird Cry – Rising Sons

‘Cry Bluebird Cry’ was the second single by Rising Sons to make the Springbok Top 20. It followed up the success of their 1970 hit ‘Stand Up For the Lady’ and peaked 1 place lower (at 14) than its predecessor. Unlike ‘Stand Up For The Lady’ which is an upbeat pop song, ‘Cry Bluebird Cry’ is far more sedate.

And that’s not too surprising, a quick look at the titles of the two songs should tell you that one would be more upbeat while the other would be more sombre.While ‘Cry Bluebird Cry’ starts with what could potentially be a bit of a rocker, it settles quickly into a kind of melancholic rhythm and when vocalist Dennis East comes in singing ‘Bluebird, you’ve got the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen’, you know its not going to rock in the way the intro suggested.

The song continues in this vein, rising only for the chorus which features some higher pitched harmonies and it takes on a kind of lazy circling in the sky on a hot summer’s day feel. Even the guitar interlude, which has a harder edge to it, still maintains this more serious feel to it. The feeling of a bird circling lazily in the sky pervades the song and the fade out feels like that bird slowly becoming just a dot before disappearing completely.

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