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Your Kind – Pongolo

Jah Do That - Pongolo

Jah Do That – Pongolo

Who the heck are Pongolo I hear you ask. And you may well be justified in being mystified as they got almost no airplay (as far as I am aware) in 1989 when they released their album ‘Jah Do That’ which contained the song ‘Your Kind’. If memory serves me correctly, I did hear what could possibly have been the only airing of the song on Barney Simon’s Powerhaus show and was taken by this bright, breezy reggae tune.

When I finally stumbled across a vinyl copy of the album I found out that the band contained a certain Gito Baloi on bass. For those who need to be told this, Baloi was a member of Tananas alongside Steve Newman and who was tragically killed in 2004.

Joining Baloi (whose surname is spelt Baloy on the sleeve notes) in the band were Ilidio Matola, George Sunday, Morris Mungoy, Joe Mathseka (who was in Bayete) and John Hassan. Together they made gentle poppy reggae which could be filed alongside Inner Circle (remember ‘Sweat’) and Big Mountain (remember their cover of ‘Baby I Love Your Way’). ‘Your Kind’ is a laid back and catchy tune which may or may not be your kind of reggae, but it’s a bit of a lost gem which should get a bit of exposure.

Where to find it:
Only on vinyl: Jah do That – Pongolo (1989), Principal Records, NUBL5011

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