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Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – Margino

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - Margino

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – Margino

During the 60s and 70s, a lot (but not all) of the local music that made the Springbok Top 20 was cover versions of well known, or quite often obscure, international songs. This started to change as the 80s came along with bands like éVoid, Ballyhoo and Hotline scoring hits with their own compositions. However, when it came to dancefloor stuff, there still seemed to be a number of covers floating around. Café Society had a hit with the obscure Video Kids’ hit ‘Woodppecker From Space’ and Margino (aka Kim Kallie) decided to try her hand with a cover of the funky Indeep hit called ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’.

The song fared well for Indeep going to number 2 on the US Dance charts and on the Belgium and Netherlands main charts. It also made number 13 in the UK. Locally it made number 7 on the South African Top 30, and while it peaked higher than Margino’s version (hers only going to 16), Indeep only appeared on our charts over a month after the Margino version debuted.

Margino does a very good cover version of it. There is the funky-strut guitar dancing around a thumping bass and Margino brings in a vocal that is a little more sexy and seductive than the original, almost as if she is looking for a new love where the vocal on the original seems to be more about just being upset. When Margino gets hold of the song, there is a sense of a woman on the prowl, looking for someone to fill the void that her man is leaving in her life.

The Radio 5 DJs enjoyed Margino’s version of the song, propelling it to number 7 on their charts where Indeep didn’t even get a look in. Strangely, this popular version of the tune does not seem to have made it onto CD that I am aware of however, perhaps because its about DJ’s that it seems appropriate that it remain available only on vinyl.

Where to find it:
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