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I’m Tempted To Stay – Karma

One Day Soon - Karma

One Day Soon – Karma

Inbetween Henry Ate’s first 2 albums, 1996’s ‘Slap In The Face’ and 2000’s ‘Torn And Tattered’, they sort of released another one. Going under the name of Karma, Karma-Ann Swanepoel and Julian Sun released ‘One Day Soon’ in 1998. ‘I’m Tempted To Stay’ was one of the songs that appeared on that album.

If you didn’t know that Karma was really Henry Ate, you would soon know once this song starts as Karma-Ann’s distinct voice climbs over the horizon of an edgily strummed guitar and starts walking towards you, building and being briefly joined by Julian Sun’s gentle voice before it launches into the wilder, almost angry voice that sometimes finds it way onto songs featuring Karma-Ann.

It is not a comfortable song to listen to. There is angst and an eeriness to the song, but it is a rewarding experience to see it through to the end. You feel like you have been on a journey with Karma, visiting some pretty dark parts of your mind, where you may be tempted to stay, but you end up coming out the other side wiser and feeling able to handle whatever the world throws at you.

Where to find it:
One Day Soon – Karma (1998) Primedia Record Company, CDPRC0014

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