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Dinosaur – Forest Moon

Forest Moon

Forest Moon

Forest Moon were Jerome Arthur and Greg Gordon who hailed from Franshoek. They made one great album and then (possibly due to the de-forestation of the planet) disappeared as a band, although Arthur continued to record. On the track ‘Dinosaur’ they brought in Chris Hanson for additional guitars.

When reviewing the album for the SA Rockdigest Stephen ‘Sugar’ Segerman said ‘Forest Moon’s debut album is the musical equivalent of a hammock, strung between two of the trees in the forest that surrounds the duo’s small high-tech studio in Franschhoek where this chilled, nu-folk collection was recorded. ‘Forest Moon’ is an unassuming and gentle slice of melodic acoustic tunes with scattered rock and world influences, all embellished with soft vocals and harmonies and lush but not overdone string and vocal harmony arrangements.’

And there is very little I can add to that great description as it applies almost perfectly to ‘Dinosaur’. It’s laid back, mostly acoustic, melodic and with great harmonies. It does wander a little into a bit of grungy territory although never overdoes the noise and never at the cost of melody. The album is great, this song is great, life is great, the sun’s shining, my hammock is swinging lazily and, hey, Stephen Segerman wrote half of this review so I can pretend to be a dinosaur and be extinct from my keyboard for a bit. Really lekker stuff.

Where to find it:
Forest Moon – Forest Moon (2002), Forest Moon Productions, MOON001

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