1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

Just another music list

Song List 201 to 300


25 thoughts on “Song List 201 to 300

  1. Nice selection, but what about these:

    The Loud – Cry Baby Cry
    Steve Kekana – The Bushman (includes Bushman Dialogue)
    Three Petersen Brothers – Fanagalo

  2. Yeah, I love that Bushman song with the Bushman dialogue.

  3. Another +1 for Steve Kekana – The Bushman. It’s a really hard song to find (outside of SA) these days!

  4. Anna Rossouw on said:

    My Kind of Girl – Cinema or Strangers Again by them which went to No1 in SE Asia in 1996.

  5. Anna Rossouw on said:

    And – Here We Are by Face to Face – 1984

  6. Crocodile Harris – Miss Eva Goodnight
    Alan Garrity – I need someone
    The Bats – Shabby little hut

  7. Trivia Tom on said:

    A good start. Great list so far. Any plans to add Mbaqanga (e.g. Soul Brothers, Mahotella Queens), iscathamayo (e.g. Ladysmith Black Mambazo), more Kwaito (e.g. Mandoza), marabi (e.g. Jazz Revellers), Afro-jazz (E.g Father Huddleston’s band), pantsula (e.g Trompies), etc? Happy to help.

  8. spencer phiri on said:

    What about Julia mabhika of the mid 80s.I have tried to search but even on google I only find the name not the songs.one song had some words “teacher teacher” disco bubblegum if I am not mistaken.the second album is “various artists dancing reggae 93.anyone with any idea or knowledge which website to find this diamonds? Thanks

  9. roland rink on said:

    The Usual were one fine SA band. It might be worth adding them to the list? “Born in a Storm” is an example. A band from the 60’s also worth including is The Square Set – Nev Whitmall, Nol Klinkhamer & co……….

  10. Where is also Wildebeest / Bush Rock; the brilliant Danzer album by Anton Goosen( I play flute on Ek mis jou); The Ancient Marriner by Robert Schröder( brilliant SA Rock Opera narration Oliver Reed); Easy over Africa ( I play flute on Azanian Love Song) Gallo Records CDRED 652; Band of Gypsies one of the longest gigging bands ever in South Africa and brilliant Hendrix exponents.

    • "Pantoffels" on said:

      Interesting indeed. Reached 300 yet no mention of “The Flames”, surely amongst SA’s greatest musical talents ?
      Ag shame and siestog.

  11. "Pantoffels" on said:

    Interesting indeed. Reached 300 yet no mention of “The Flames”, surely amongst SA’s greatest musical talents ?
    Ag shame and siestog.

  12. Shame and who were the flames? went up in flames and ended up on the Beach with the Boys?

  13. interesting that” he took my romeos” by Anneline Kriel is listed , Pierre de Charmoy , 7 times SA Award winner , must really be bad …….hehehehe

  14. Hi John, I came across your site while do some research on the music of South Africa from the 60s-90’s, & was delighted to find your write up. I have linked to it from greatwhitetribe.com – Brilliant stuff! Just a thumbs up – I found some dead links on your Mabu Vinyl link – Notably to the shop, which I was particularly interested in. Swing by & visit my site sometime, I would value your thoughts. Sharing your blog on Tumblr as well ….

  15. Johno on said:

    Great List. Needs the Flames and Radio Rats, Dan Patlanski (sp?)

  16. Sherrill Gaylard on said:

    What about Jody Wayne

  17. Sherrill Gaylard on said:


  18. Stuart on said:

    Nice one. Gotta have Gravity by Tree63

  19. Ettiene Terblanche on said:

    Cool list. One of my favourite, more recent, songs is What He Means by Just Jinger. Very impressive and just been recorded with Jhb and KZN orchestras.

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