1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

Just another music list

Song List 101-200

1 to 100 | 101 to 200 | 201 to 300 | 301 to 400 | 401 to 500 | 501 to 600 | 601 to 700 | 701 to 800 | 801 to 900 | 901 to 1001


5 thoughts on “Song List 101-200

  1. Helicopters – Whisper your secret. Cinema – My kind of girl. Celtic Rumours 10 seconds. Great South African songs. Please add to your listing. I know of many others you may want to add.

  2. Hi

    There’s only one song I’d like to see on the list and if there’s anyone who can tell me where to get the song from.
    The ‘Peace in our land’ song performed by various South African artists.
    please please

    Thank you

  3. Winster on said:

    And don’t forget Man on the Moon by Ballyhoo

  4. Bill on said:

    The list certainly brings back memories, and jogs the brain about others!
    remember Marc Alex – quick, quick baby.

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