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Super Girl – Springbok Nude Girls

Surpass The Powers - Springbok Nude Girls

Surpass The Powers -Springbok Nude Girls

By the time 2000’s ‘Surpass The Powers’ came out, South Africa was well acquainted with the Springbok Nude Girls and their particular brand of rock. ‘Super Girl’ which was taken from that album was another example of just how good they were as a band.

Listening to the opening edgy guitar and ominous drumming, I can’t help thinking that Arno Carstens and the boys had been sitting listening to their Asylum Kids & Tribe After Tribe albums as, before the vocals kick in, one could easily believe that you were listening ot a track from the aftermentioned bands.

However, Arno’s roaring, soaring vocals quickly dispel those thoughts as his disctinct voice grabs hold of the song at times throttling it at other times seducing the ‘Super Girl’ of which he sings with his angelic falsetto.

This is a pounding piece of music that is tight, highly strung, yet has a vulnerable side to it that makes it compelling listening. But then again, would we have expected anything less from the Super (Springbok Nude) Girl(s)?

Where to find it:
Surpass The Powers – Springbok Nude Girls (2000), Epic, CDEPC8105



Smiley Skull Of Faith – Springbok Nude Girls

Smiley Skull Of Faith – Springbok Nude Girls (Stripped down head music)

Relaxzor – Springbok Nude Girls

Relaxzor – Springbok Nude Girls

The year was 2000 and there were rumours in the air that the Nude Girls were going to call it a day. Then came ‘Smiley Skull of Faith’, a hard hitting song showing the Nude Girls at their confident best. At the time, it was hard to believe that this would be the last we would hear from them.

As history shows, they went on to call it a day a few more times, so we needn’t have worried. But had ‘Smiley Skull of Faith’ been their last offering, we could have sat around reminiscing and saying, ‘what a way to go’. Starting with a eerie keyboard and edgy guitar, the song thunders from the atmospheric to a barrage of drums at around the 1 minute mark. It then settles into tuneful rock with Arno Carstens trademark desperate howl which is tempered by his pensive low growl.

The band did not sound like one about to break up. They were tight and producing some of their best material and few of their songs were better at that time than ‘Smiley Skull of Faith’. The song made it to number 23 on the South African Rock Digests’ top 50 songs of 2000.

Where to find it:
Relaxzor – Springbok Nude Girls (2001), Epic, CDEPC8148

Unworldly Beauty – Springbok Nude Girls

Unworldly Beauty – Springbok Nude Girls (The clue is in the title)

Springbok Nude Girls -  The Fat Lady Sings, Best of 1995-2001

Springbok Nude Girls - The Fat Lady Sings

‘Unworldly Beauty’ is one of the Springbok Nude Girl’s quieter songs. It begins with a laid back, semi-mournful trumpet led intro that has a slight 70’s feel to it and it returns to this riff throughout the song. Theo Crous’ guitar is kept in check by some lush orchestral arrangements which prevents the song from being too noisy for your mum to like.

The song was one of the stand out tracks on the Nude Girl’s 2001 offering ‘Relaxzor’ which featuring the production skills of Kevin Shirley, a local lad who had worked with the likes of the Black Crowes, Aerosmith and Iron Maiden. It’s not quite a power ballad and it’s not a full on rock track. It seems to fit snugly between the two in a sort of Nirvana meets the Counting Crows in Herb Alpert’s lounge kind of way.

The Nude Girls certainly knew how to rock hard when they wanted to, but they were also very adept at slowing things down slightly as ‘Unworldly Beauty’ shows.

Where to find it:

Relaxzor – Springbok Nude Girls (2001), Epic, CDEPC8148
The Fat Lady Sings – Springbok Nude Girls (2001), Epic, CDEPC8190

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