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I’m Only Joking – Kongos

I’m Only Joking - Kongos

I’m Only Joking – Kongos

If there was such a phrase as ‘a pound-a-thon’, it would be perfect to use to describe this track from the pound-tastic ‘Lunatic’ album that the kings of pounding, Johnny Kongos’ sons brought us. ‘I’m Only Joking’ does raise the question whether any drums were harmed in the making thereof because it is non-stop stomping from the moment it starts right through to the final, near chaotic drumming at the end.

There is a primal feel to this juggernaut of a track which starts with the line ‘There is a song/you’re trembling to its tune’. And tremble you might, for it sounds like a herd of elephants have gathered for a school disco. But there is an edge to what’s going on here. The chorus goes, ‘I’m only joking/I’m only f**king with your head’ and as you listen, there is a sort of mismatching in the beats of the drum which gives it an unhinged feel.

Kongos had a hit in the US and Canada with ‘Come With Me Now’, which was also from the ‘Lunatic’ album and while that song also feautres the Kongos family’s trademark pounding, it doesn’t have the slightly derailed feel that ‘I’m Only Joking’ has.

Where to find it:
Lunatic – Kongos (2014), Epic


Tokoloshe Man – John Kongos

Tokoloshe Man – John Kongos (Did the Happy Mondays have any idea what a Tokoloshe was?)

Tokoloshe Man Plus – John Kongos

Tokoloshe Man Plus – John Kongos

After much success in South Africa with his G-Men, John Kongos decided to move to the UK and try his luck there. He eventually teamed up with Gus Dudgeon, who was busy producing Elton John’s material, and using a few of Elton John’s band members, recorded some tracks, including ‘Tokoloshe Man’.

Despite its subject matter being somewhat obscure for a non-South African audience, the song climbed to number 4 in the British Charts and was to be covered in the 90’s by the Happy Mondays.

The song features thundering tribal African beats and a fuzzy guitar with Kongos’ almost growled vocals. This was a far cry from the sweet vocals South Africans had been used to on his early beat songs such as Johnny and The Mermaid. Strangely, despite the line in the songs, ‘it makes no difference if you’re black or you’re white, Tokoloshe says tonight is the night is the night,’ the song charted in the Springbok Top 20 peaking at number 13. Not a bad achievement for a guy from Brakpan.

Where to find it:

Tokoloshe Man Plus – John Kongos (1988), See For Miles, SEECD221

Make your bed up high
pray into the sky
close the window close the door
makes no difference if you’re rich or poor.

Get on your knees scream please
that man just love to tease.
Try to run
get a gun
he just laugh it makes it more fun.

Hard like rock ain’t got no soul
he can make the sun feel cold.
Put an eclipse on the moon
make a little cloud forty day monsoon.

Don’t recognize no hawk
don’t recognize no dove
Bad tokoloshe man
he don’t even recognize love

And it makes no difference
if you’re yellow or you’re red
when that bad man say
tonight is the night you are dead.
And it makes no difference
If you’re black or you’re white
Tokoloshe says tonight is the night is the night

Only thing I can say to you is
you gotta be good an’you gotta be true
think about Jesus Christ.
And it makes…


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