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Kwa Ndebele – Selaelo Selota

Painted Faces - Selaelo Selota

Painted Faces – Selaelo Selota

Selaelo was born in rural Limpopo. When he grew up he worked on the gold mines where his love of music began. He would also work as an usher at the famous Market Theatre in Johannesburg and as a cleaner at Kippies Jazz Club. He would study music at the FUBA academy and University of Cape Town.

Along this long road from the bundu in Limpopo he picked up a relaxed guitar playing style that brings together a jazzy sound with the Ndebele feel. ‘Kwa Ndebele’ sounds a bit like Tananas with some of the edges smoothed off. It is a laid back track that conjures up images of the warm yellow and brown countryside in the north of the country. It speaks of vast spaces, blue skies and sun filled moments away from all the worries of the world.

There is a hint of George Benson in the track which is predominantly an instrumental with a little bit of gentle skat thrown in for good measure. The track appeared on his debut album, ‘Painted Faces’ which shifted 60,000 units and earned Selaelo 2 Sama awards (Best Contemporary Jazz Album and Best Newcomer) and listening to this piece it is not hard to see why. It is polished African jazz that has beauty painted all over it.

Where to find it:
Painted Faces – Selaelo Selota (2000), Colossal Records, CDCL(WL)7032 or BMG Records Africa – CDCL(WL)7032


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