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Jou Oe – Kobus!

Kobus! - Kobus!

Kobus! – Kobus!

What is it about eyes and Springbok Nude Girls? Have a listen to their ‘Bue Eyes’ if you haven’t done so. It is a beautiful track and rather at odds with most of their other material. Then move on a few years to a time when Theo Crous started up his side project, Kobus! with Voice Of Destruction member, Francois Blom. On their debut eponymously titled album, they also sing about eyes on the track ‘Jou Oe’ (your eyes) and again one has a quite beautiful track.

There is something ethereal about this song. In part this is due to the other-worldly and somewhat mournful guitar that opens the track. The effect is amplified by the gently plucked guitar and is completed by the slightly falsetto voice that comes in. The voice sings about someone forgetting a woman’s smile, her name, the sound of her voice and even her hands, but the singer cannot shake the image of her eyes. And as he sings about the eyes, his voice soars in a kind of reverence to them. And like the effect the eyes have on the singer, so the song has a similar hypnotic effect on the listener.

There is also a feeling of brittle vulnerability in the voice, particularly in the refrains where the confusion and ache of the singer becomes tangible. He is confused about why these eyes have such an effect, but longs for another glimpse of them. It is almost an addiction and the music adds to this in a kind of trippy and psychedelic way.

There are shades of ‘Blue Eyes’ in this track, and also some shades of Pink Floyd’s ‘Goodbye Blue Skies’ with the guitar having that sad, yet lovely and gentle sound. Maybe we should try and persuade Theo and Francois to team up with Arno (from Springbok Nude Girls) and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd to write a song called ‘Goodbye Blue Oe’.

Where to find it:
Kobus! – Kobus! (2002), ENT Entertainment, CDENT001


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