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Charly Go Crazy – Robin Auld

Iron In The Sky - Robin Auld

Iron In The Sky – Robin Auld

Rabbitt sang about ‘Charlie’ and Sean Rennie sang about ‘Charly’ and both were singing about going crazy over Charlie/Charly (even though Rabbitt’s Charlie was a dog). But Robin Auld took a different approach to ‘Charlie/Charly’ in that this Charlie was a him and he was going crazy.
‘Charly Go Crazy’ finds the Kommetjie Kid in a playful mood. Right from the outset there is a bouncy, lively guitar which lights up the song. And dancing around the guitar is a warm harmonica that injects a blues note into the proceedings.
The song first appeared on Auld’s 1991 album ‘Love Kills’ and would re-surface in 2000 on ‘Iron In The Sky’ and between those two versions he changed from ‘Charlie’ to ‘Charly’. However, to paraphrase Led Zepplin, the song remained the same.
But why, you may well ask, is Charlie/Charly going crazy. Well, judging from the lyrics, it is about the return of the troopies from the border war which ended in 1990. So there would have been reason to go crazy.
Robin tends to have a deeper meanings in his songs that the light-hearted instrumentation can sometimes disguise. But here one could be excused for thinking that the music matched the meaning as it is a celebration of the end of a conflict.

Where to find it:
The Best Of Robin Auld Vol 1 – Robin Auld (1999) TicTicBang, BANGCD888


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