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Durban Poison – Trans Sky

Killing Time - Trans Sky

Killing Time – Trans Sky

Trans Sky consisted of Kalahari Surfer’s Warrick Sony and Urban Creep’s Brendan Jury. They would come together for 1 album (‘Killing Time’) and 1 single (‘Slow Thighs’) and would not sound much like either the Kalahari Surfers or Urban Creep. With a title like ‘Durban Poison’, one would be forgiven for expecting a stoner kind of track as the phrase is used to refer to a particular strain of marijuana.
But the song and the lyrics are far from the drug. Instead, the lyrics use ‘Durban poison’ to describe the toxicity of modern society. The first verse refers to a suburban woman seeing her children ‘grow up in Durban Poison’. It seems to challenge the ‘American Dream’ lifestyle that we are promised, reminding us of the struggles, we all face.
Musically, the song kicks off sounding like something off Primal Scream’s ‘Screamadelica’ with its syncopated rhythms and beats. However, within seconds Jury’s viola injects the track with a kind of desolate melancholy as it cries like a mournful bird circling in the sky. The vocals are gothic laden, at times reminiscent of Bauhaus’ Pete Murphy, at other times akin to The Awakening’s Ashton Nyte.
Overall there is a dark and dense feel to the track. The thudding beat feels like someone trudging through a thick undergrowth in a humidity drenched climate. It is a far cry from the sun, sea and surf that Durbs is usually associated with. It makes the sometimes asked question, ‘What’s your poison?’ take on a strange new slant.

Where to find it:
Killing Time – Trans Sky, (1998), Tic Tic Bang, BANGCD039

Buy here:


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