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Nightmare – Peach

Nightmare – Peach

Nightmare – Peach

Like many, I guess, my first introduction to Peach was ‘A Lot Of Things’. It was also one of my early introductions to local punk. I remember being a bit confused about the track as I sort of liked it but wasn’t sure if I really did (I do now love it by the way). Then came their second hit, ‘Nightmare’ which was not as jerky and more tuneful and I was hooked on Peach.

Right from the start, the song was more catchy than ‘A Lot Of Things’. It still had the sneer-in-the-voice vocals of Angie Peach and the wailing guitar, but the rhythm seemed to sit better with a lightie who was just beginning to discover there was more to music than what was on the Springbok Hits records. There is a slightly ska-punk sound to the rhythm guitar while the lead guitar seems to be echoing in from another room. Angie struts around the front of the song delivering the dystopian lyrics about modern life being a nightmare.

The song would go 1 place better on the Springbok Top 20 than ‘A Lot Of Things’ as it peaked at 6 and where we thought we had a good band on our hands when we heard ‘A Lot Of Things’, we knew we had a great band when we heard ‘Nightmare’. However, the nightmare seemed to be happening to the band as it fell apart after just 1 one album, despite the feeling that they would go places. We only have ‘On Loan For Evolution’ to fall back on when remembering this great group. Apart from the 2 singles already mentioned, it also featured a wonderful cover of XTC’s ‘Complicated Game’. They should have done so much more but sadly that was not to be. I can’t say that nightmares are something that I would usually recommend to one, but this ‘Nightmare’ is certainly worth having.

Where to find it:
On Loan For Evolution – Peach (2002), RetroFresh, freshcd 123


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One thought on “Nightmare – Peach

  1. I was lucky enough to see Peach play once in JHB. So many good ZA bands appear, put out a single or two, or maybe one album, then disappear again.

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