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Riempies/Bamboesbos – Sons Of Trout

Tassenberg All Stars 3

Tassenberg All Stars 3

This one is a bit of fun from the offspring of Mr Trout. Recorded live at the Tassenberg Stalteater in Oudsthoorn, this sounds a bit like it was played late in the evening when almal was lekker gesuip and dancing around with abandonment. It starts with a lekker ay-chikka-lay guitar and is soon joined in this dance by a rusty fiddle.

The song harks back to old style Cape music, somewhat similar to what David Kramer highlighted in his Karoo Kitaar Blues project. The boys in Sons of Trout take turns with vocals which tell stories in a similar way that the Karoo Kitaar Blues players do. A fine example is the bit that goes ‘I had a girl and she love me so/she stays down there where the lillies grow/she rides with me on my handlebars/but I’m saving up for a donkey cart.

This track is drenched in the Karoo and the traditions of that part of the Cape. It also has all the sunshine of a typical day in that part of the world. It will have you doing that knees bent kind of twist type dancing that Kramer does so well. This is not a typical Sons of Trout song. It sounds like they were just messing around at the end of their set, but it turns into a bit of a classic and those in charge of selecting the tracks for the 3rd in the Tassenberg All Stars CD’s thankfully recognised this.

Sadly, unless you have a copy of the CD, you will probably struggle to find this track. There is a version of ‘Riempies’ by Mikanic (who feature guys from Sons of Trout), Riaan van Rensburg and Schalk Joubert to be found on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/artist/3xNEtdG0BCJ1cHE3WWtKa3) and while this version captures something of the feel of the Sons of Trout version, it sounds like a studio version and lacks the rawness of the live version, but it is a good substitute if you can’t lay your hands on the Sons of Trout version.

Where to find it:
Tassenberg All Stars Volume 3,(2002), Trippy Grape, TRIP006

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