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Buccaneer (Stoner Mix) – Moyawetu

Buccaneer (Stoner Mix) – Moyawetu

Buccaneer (Stoner Mix) – Moyawetu

There have been a number of notable offspring of famous artists who have either gone on to greater things than their parents or struggled in the shadow of reputation of their father or mother. Julian Lennon and Dweezil Zappa spring to mind as an example of the latter while Kim Wilde and Jeff Buckley are examples of the former. We have not seen too many occasions of offspring of South African acts heading into the music business, but in Moyawetu we are given a glimpse at what can be done should a son or daughter try and follow in their father or mother’s footsteps.

The main dude (and he has to be a dude because this is a stoner remix) behind Moyawetu is James McCullagh who is the son of Mike McCullagh (of McCully Workshop fame). But not only does James follow in his father’s footsteps by making music, he also follows in his father’s lyricsteps as he covers a McCully Workshop classic in the form of ‘Buccaneer’, which Mike penned. However, James takes a very different approach to the track. As the name of the remix suggests, this is a stoner approach to the track and this is immediately evident from the very first slightly fuzzy bass note. The song is also re-done as though it is the story of the dude who escaped the yardarm being interviewed for American radio (James’ uncle, Tully McCully, is the interviewer). James’ vocals are beautifully stoned as he recounts the story of being accused by the Buccaneer of stealing the treasure.

It is a very much tongue-in-cheek take on the classic hit, but it is funky and cheeky and Cheech & Chong-y and will put a smile on your dial. The song ends with the interviewer saying that he finds the story hard to believe as ‘as far as I know there have been no buccaneers for the past 300 years, uness you have been caught in some sort of weird time warp’. To which stoned Terence replies ‘That’s what it is, man’. The interview then says, ‘Scotty take the ship forward.’ This just completes the joke. There may be purists out there who feel this is a sacrilegious take on the old classic and they can be like that if they want, but I think that they have missed the humour that is present in the original and I don’t believe that Mike or the other original Workshoppers would do anything but laugh and enjoy this classic cover.

Hear here:

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