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Dark Lord – Christine Weir

Dark Lord – Christine Weir

Dark Lord – Christine Weir

In recent years, Not The Midnight Mass-er, Christine Weir has been exploring her Celtic roots. In 2020 she underwent treatment for breast cancer and during this time she had a dark recurring dream which inspired her write ‘Dark Lord’, a conversation between her and Donn, the Celtic Dark Lord of Death.

Unsurprisingly, the song is dark and broody. It features a slightly mournful pennywhistle which weaves its way around an ominous beat of a bodhran and into this dark sound comes Christine’s captivating voice with its haunting beauty. She seems to caress the words she sings with a black velvet glove as she battles with Donn, asking for a chance to ‘fly free, dress up in vibrant hues’ and to take a ‘rain check’ on her going. The good news is that Donn agrees to the request and Christine’s voice soars as she sings this.

We all go through dark times in our lives, and all look for different things to help get us through. Christine turned to her music to express some of the things that she went through and the result is an uplifting song that has a hauting and dark side to it, but also a feeling of hope. ‘Dark Lord’ is a song to immerse yourself in, to feel what it like to be mortal and to be thankful for the life we have.

Hear here:


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