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Turn Back The Clock – Lorne Shields

Turn Back The Clock - Lorne Shields

Turn Back The Clock – Lorne Shields

Lorne Shields was born Lawrence James Shields in Cape Town. Soon after he was born the family moved to Liverpool in England, but he returned to SA in his teens and spent some time working in what was then South West Africa (now Namibia). But his music career started in Cape Town when he answered an advert by a band called The Galaxies who were looking for a singer. He soon recorded some solo material but it was with a Patric van Blerk composition that he found chart success in the form of ‘Turn Back The Clock’ which gave him a number 14 hit on the Springbok charts.

The song was produced by Robert Schroder, a prolific producer of Springbok Chart hits for local acts. It is a kind of Country & Western song with that rocking horse type of beat that keeps time with the clip-clop of horses’ hooves. Shields’ vocals have that kind of cowboy twang to them too which enhances the C&W feel, but at the same time, there is a sufficient pop sound to the track which probably gave it a wider appeal. There are shades of Ken J Larkin, Dave Mills and Alan Garrity in the sound which was popular in the early 70’s. But unlike his contemporaries who seemed to be better remembered and who also had more hits, this one is a bit of a lost track.

Yes, ‘Turn Back The Clock’ was a song of its time and does sound dated when listening to it now, but it is a pleasant affair which one can turn to when looking for something else from that time other than what the radio stations and record companies decide you should hear. Whenever I think of that time and the name Lorne is mentioned, my first thought is of Lorne Greene who played Ben Cartwright in the TV show ‘Bonanza’. Not only did he act, but he also produced a number of records. However, in South Africa, we had our own singing Lorne in the form of Mr Shields and he also brought us a bit of the old Westen sounds. So turn back the clock to late 1973, early 1974 and see if you remember this one from back then.

Where to find it
Singles bins of on the vinyl LP ‘One Broken Heart For Sale’


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