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Liven Up The Night – Off The Edge

Off The Edge width=

Off The Edge

Unfortunately this is another track which I cannot find available for you to hear on the internet and it is pretty difficult to get a copy of the CD re-release or the album which is simply called ‘Off The Edge’ and which was the debut album for the band. You can find some other mp3s to listen to here http://www.rock.co.za/offtheedge/index.html which should give you a flavour of the band’s music.

Featuring Tony Groenewald and Peter Hamner (both of whom had been in the band Boss), this is a bouncy rock track which has Hamner’s guitar wailing and sailing around Groenewald’s raspy vocals. The beat thuds away in a stomping, head bobbing way which is somewhat reminiscent of ZZ Top. It is a song about a woman who, as the title says, ‘livens up the night’. And this song would liven up any party where people enjoy a good rock track that you can dance to. It has all the ingredients of a great rock track, a pounding beat, wailing guitars, grated-throat vocals and it’s a song about a woman. What’s not to like?

Off The Edge could well have been called On The Edges as they never made it into the mainstream psyche of the South African music mind, rather it was like a little secret known only to those who had the pleasure of hearing them. There were many local bands who lived outside the tentacles of mainstream radio and we were the poorer for this. So, if you can get hold of this track, put it on and liven up your night.

Where to find it:
Off The Edge – Off The Edge (2012), No Label, OTE1983

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