1001 South African Songs You Must Hear Before You Go Deaf

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Dames – Biggy

Big-Bigger-Biggy - Biggy

Big-Bigger-Biggy – Biggy

When you first see the video for this track (see Youtube link below), you may be tempted to say, ‘That Eminem has put on some weight’, as SA’s Biggy looks somewhat like the US rapper with blonde hair and blue eyes, with a few additional pounds added on. But while the local Notorious Biggy is a few weight divisions above Eminem he, like his American lookalike, knows a good beat when he hears one.

There is a very catchy rap of ‘Dames/sê my wat jou name is/my name is Adrianus’ (ladies tell me what your name is, my name is Adrianus) which is done in a slacker voice over some wicked beats, telling of Biggy’s luck and then bad luck with girls as he invites one home, but is dumped when she discovers he still lives with his parents or when a girl hears he’s a well known rapper, but when he takes her outside a boyfriend punches his lights out.

Biggy doesn’t take himself too seriously with these funny lyrics, cool rhymes and catchy beats. Perhaps the refrain of ‘Damessê my wat jou names is…’ does become a little irritating after about the 50th time in the song, but this is a minor criticism of one of the tracks which demonstrates the growth and maturity of Afrikaans rap music. Slightly less vulgar than Die Antwoord or Jack Parrow, Biggy is a more clean cut rapper. He is the Kurt Darren to Die Antwoord’s Fokofpolisiekar of the SA rap scene. He is a bit like The Fat Boys or De La Soul, who took the lighter approach to rapping than the gangsta style. And he just about makes it work with ‘Dames’.

Where to find it:
Big Bigger Biggy – Biggy (2019), Universal


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