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It’s My Sister’s Boyfriend’s Band – McCully Workshop/The McCully Brothers

McCully Workshop

McCully Workshop

Okay this is an obscure one I know. And difficult to find. While McCully Workshop are well known, this song is not. As far as I can tell it only appeared on the b-side of their 1980 single ‘Rocket Ride’ which was released under the name The McCully Brothers. One may wonder why it hasn’t spent less time face down on top of a turntable as it’s a good rocker and it’s funny.

One may say, well McCully Workshop were serious rockers that’s why a funny song by them did get too much exposure, but I would disagree. I think there is humour in their hits such as ‘Buccaneer’ and ‘Chinese Junkman’. Not in your face humour, its more a subtle humour in there, but with ‘It’s My Sister’s Boy Friend’s Band’ it’s a more obvious humour. The song starts with the singer moaning about his sister’s boyfriend’s band. Lines like ‘It’s my sister’s boyfriend’s band/playing songs I just can’t stand’ and ‘Oh how I wish they’d leant to sing in tune’ clearly show what he thinks of the band. So he goes on to sing ‘I suppose that I will have to show them what to do/because I’m a singer myself/and I know what to do’.

He forms his own band with some success ‘but the neighbours just don’t want to take anymore/cause it’s my girlfriend’s boyfriend’s band/singing songs that they just can’t stand’. The music industry is tough and everyone’s a critic. There will always be someone who doesn’t like what you are doing is the message.

The McCully’s sing this tongue-in-cheek song in their usual rock style with electric guitars and drums and sharp-edged vocals which can stand alongside their hits with pride as a quality rock song. There is a slight Status Quo feel to the rhythm of the track and a cheeky grin in the mix, but it’s worth a listen, particularly if you want to annoy the neighbours 😊

Where to find it:
B-side of their 1980 single ‘Rocket Ride’ released on Nitty Gritty records.

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