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The Chicken Rock – Chick Charmers Combo

The Chick Charmers Combo

The Chick Charmers Combo

Some time after the chicken dance was invented (apparently it started in the 50’s), but before Rufus Thomas had a hit with ‘Do The Funky Chicken’ and well before Kobus!’s ‘Hoenderman’, a group called the Chick Charmers Combo came out with ‘The Chicken Rock’. This was a hit in 1961 and got to number 5 on the LM Radio charts.

There was no one in the band called Chick Chamers, but rather it was a bunch of blokes out to charm the chicks. Not very politically correct, I know, but they did make a rather cool rock ‘n’ roll song that has a clucking saxophone pecking away throughout the track alongside a rock ‘n’ roll beat and piano which comes straight out of the Jerry Lee Lewis school of how to make a song.

Like most of the tunes of that time, it is a short lively piece that bounces along for just over two minutes (hardly enough time to impress a woman with your dance moves I should say), before the band bow out. But it’s catchy and toe tapping and just a fun piece of music from its particular era. It gave you a brief moment to strut around like a daft bird and somehow still be cool.

Nowadays we have Nandos and KFC to give us our dose of chicken (or McNuggets if you are desperate), but back in the day you had to stick on a record and listen to a saxophone impersonate a farmyard animal. Clucking brilliant.

Where to find it:
Various Artists – The Best of SA Pop Volume 3 (1994) GSP, CDREDD 610


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