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I’ll Walk With You – Sean Rennie

Sean Rennie had 2 hits make the Springbok top 20. The first of these was ‘I’ll Walk With You’ which spent 5 weeks on the charts and peaked at 13. Rennie hailed from Ireland, but made South Africa his home where initially he was part of a band called Purple Haze, but then moved on to having a successful solo career.

And listening to ‘I’ll Walk With You’ it’s not too surprising that he had the success he did as he has a velvety crooner type voice that sits comfortably against the pop sensibility of the song. Although the song was a hit in 1970, there is a slight 50’s love song feel to it. It has a harpsichord sounding intro (which may well have been an actual harpsichord), gently strummed guitars and an ever present tambourine to accompany the singing.

The song lasts just 2 minutes and 48 seconds which adds to its 50s feel and as the it draws to a conclusion, Rennie slips into a bit of an Elvis impersonation. Rennies are a well know remedy for heartburn and this Rennie certainly soothes any aches of the heart one may have. It’s a gentle, pop song which may have dated somewhat, but it is a good reminder of a more innocent time. Well executed and a deserved hit.

Where to find it:
Various Artists – The Best of SA Pop Volume 1 (1994) GMP, CDGMPD 40485 (CD)


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One thought on “I’ll Walk With You – Sean Rennie

  1. Ulric Rayner on said:

    I really enjoy listening to these golden oldies of Sean.

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