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Miles – Moodphase 5ive

Steady On - Moodphase 5ive

Steady On – Moodphase 5ive

When you put this song on, you immediately think that the ‘Miles’ in the title refers to Miles Davis as the intro is a relaxed and jazzy trumpet. But after a few seconds of this ploughing a lone furrow, it is joined by a chilled-out drums ‘n bass style beat and a few seconds later Ernestine Deane’s silky vocals slink into the song singing ‘I drove for miles’. So just what miles does the title of this superb Moodphase 5ive track refer to, the jazz trumpeter or the distance between here and music heaven?

Well, the trumpet, that continues to pop up throughout the song, certainly suggests a link to Miles Davis. On this track the horn of Africa comes courtesy of Douglas Armstrong (wonder if he ever went under the name Mielies Davis?) and keeps remind one that this is a kind of jazz track. This feel is accentuated when Ernestine starts singing skat style later in the song.

But the insistent beats are somewhat at odds with the jazzy sound, miles away from it, you could say. But in a strange way it works and works well. The relaxed feel of the song (which has a flute occasionally fluttering around in it) puts one in your favourite coffee shop on a lazy afternoon, sipping your brew and chilling while the world goes by. You go into a dreamy state and are miles away. So perhaps the ‘miles’ in the title refers to this state of mind

But none of that really matters. Quibbling over what the song title is about misses the point that this is a song to relax to and not spend time fretting over. There is a reason it spent 3 weeks at 1 on the SA Rockdigest charts.

Where to find it:
Steady On – Moodphase 5ive, (2000), African Dope, ADOPECD002


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